Database of Works by (OT) Ethnic Minority and Majority World Scholars

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Those who want to diversify their research and course reading lists may not know where to find relevant sources written by ethnic minority and Majority World scholars. This database is designed to facilitate that effort and to provide basic demographic information (sex, race, ethnicity, originating country, current region, and field of study) to enable reading these authors in their own contexts.

Our hope is that these sources will not be seen as merely contextual readings, contrasted with an objective interpretive and theological tradition, but that they will be viewed as part of the great historical tradition of interpreting the Bible and articulating theological ideas from within various contexts. In other words, we want to encourage readers to see all sources as offering contextual understandings and to seek to read them against the background of their authors’ historical-cultural contexts. Not all the perspectives expressed in these writings reflect the views of Every Voice, but each source provides us with an opportunity to learn and be challenged. The first stage of the database will include only works by OT scholars, but we plan to expand it to other disciplines in the future.

Bibliographies of Works by (OT) Ethnic Minority and Majority World Scholars

Although our database is not yet ready, the following bibliographies can help you get started in exploring more diverse sources:

If you find any errors or would like to suggest other scholars or sources for us to include, contact us here.

External Bibliographies

These bibliographies, which have been compiled by other scholars and institutions, also highlight ethnic minority and/or Majority World Scholars:

If you know of other bibliographic resources that would be helpful for us to include, contact us here.